About Adscv

We are a professional group having varying expertise. We saw think tanks, research organisations working on national or international level helping in developing policies, and developmental frameworks. There was a huge lacuna in the grass root levels. Of course, there are agriculture based research centers, youth groups and organizations which help the weaker sections. However, there is no professional group which would dwelve deeper into a region's needs and work systematically in constructing a solution. Mr. Jalandar Rao, with an idea to create a research based developmental organization has brought this team together.

We start with exploratory research and move towards evaluatory research,and then provide necessary actionable solutions to the necessary stakeholders. Of course, if it falls within the budget, we would take up the implementation.

What We Do?

We're On A Mission To
Solve The Problems

We at ADSCV would strive to provide our research expertise aiding all such organisations and even take up the mantle of implementing our research outcomes in establishing a better world.

Policy Advocacy

Conducting research and publishing it is not our way of work. We ensure that these outcomes are incorporated into the policy making. How do we do it? We are well connected with the academia, government, political parties, who would consider our report to be a valuable one.

Action Research

After making the ground research and model preparation, we get our hands on a pilot project. Depending upon the success of the pilot project, the feedback mechanism would provide the model/framework generated. The improved model would be deployed in some of the regions of the Medak. Following the successful running of the project, it would be distributed institutionally. Be it private or government, we are interested in the implementation, not just a desk research.

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