About Us

Who We Are

We are Research Based Development Organisation

We are a professional group having varying expertise. We saw think tanks, research organisations working on national or international level helping in developing policies, and developmental frameworks. There was a huge lacuna in the grass root levels. Of course, there are agriculture based research centers, youth groups and organizations which help the weaker sections. However, there is no professional group which would dwelve deeper into a region's needs and work systematically in constructing a solution. Mr. Jalandar Rao, with an idea to create a research based developmental organization has brought this team together. We start with exploratory research and move towards evaluatory research,and then provide necessary actionable solutions to the necessary stakeholders. Of course, if it falls within the budget, we would take up the implementation.

Our Mission

Yes, there are many think tanks and organizations working in tandem with governments and other public groups to enhance the living conditions of people and improve the governance systems. We at ADSCV would strive to provide our research expertise aiding all such organisations and even take up the mantle of implementing our research outcomes in establishing a better world.

Natural Resources

Technical & social support for utilizing natural resources like land, water, agriculture management, horticulture, cottage industries.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development assessment reports for approachable roads, housing, hospitals, schools, community hall, marketing.


Providing training in microfinance and developing entrepreneurial skills in the rural sector.

Scientific Development

Giving all organizational support for the scientific development of rural villages & entering them the enlightened world.


To develop a link between government and rural population by popularizing & action of the government among the rural population.